Megaphone Video Training - Week 1

We cover three topics to get you started in your week:

Lesson 1: "Why is Video the New Black"

Lesson 2: " Boost Your Marketing Strategy with the Power of Video"

Lesson 3: "How to Make Videos that will Make your Customers, Know, Like and Trust You"

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Lesson 1 Why is Video Marketing the New Black?


By observing how you react to videos you can develop a good understanding of why some videos work and others don’t. Write down your top 10 videos that you have watched over the last month and then answer these questions:

1. What was it about these videos that made them stand out for you?

2. How did they make you feel?

3. What was your next step after watching?


Lesson 2 Boost Your Marketing Strategy with the Power of Video



Step 1

Take a look at your existing marketing strategy and see where you can add video. You will be surprised at the many options you will discover. For some quick wins, you could start by adding video to the areas of your marketing that are getting the worst results. You should be able to find a way to include video into most areas of your marketing.

Step 2

Taking it up a level, think of new marketing strategies that use video as the central medium – see if you can come up with an innovative way to communicate via video.

Lesson 3 Videos that Make Your Customers Know, Like and Trust you (and buy from you)

Exercise with Feedback

Find 10 different videos that you could make that would nurture your leads through the complete “Know, Like and Trust” process to the point where the are making a purchase from you.

I would then like you to email your ideas through to me at and I will review them for you and email you back my feedback.